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Is what they called it... But technically I am allergic to my sweat and tears.

-Cholinergic Urticaria-

(I've never watched this news report they did about me and my rare skin condition, and I never plan to, because I can't stand to look at what I've become. :'( I don't even recognize myself.)

It was unbelievably difficult for me to share my story with the public, considering I have panick attacks just trying to leave my apartment. This terrified me. But I knew I had to do something to get my story out there. Because I am desperate right now. I cannot work and I do not receive disability payments, and all of our savings have run out, so I'm worried as to what is going to happen to me with my current living situation. Considering I cannot afford to pay rent and I have no friends or family here. And moving up North is not an option. My parents have helped me this far financially, but now they are broke because of me and I feel so horrible, causing them all of this stress. Because they are the nicest people and do not deserve to worry, or suffer, or struggle because of me. But God Bless them, because they are loving parents, and will do whatever it takes to help me. But unfortunately we are not rich and never have been. I just need to somehow be able to afford my cost of living until I get on disability. So please, think about making a donation, even the littlest bit counts! 

And I am so grateful for everyone's genorosity and kind words! Because I was ready to give up, after three years of this torture. But the unimaginable support that people have shown me, has made me feel like I matter. For the first time.

Thank You :')

Of course my second goal is to create awareness. First, so that we can possibly find a cure for CU. And secondly, I just wish for the people in my town, (and everywhere) to become more tolerant of people's differences. And learn not to stare or say harsh remarks, because we are all fighting our own battles. And instead, of showing a sense of disgust about something you may not understand, maybe show compassion instead, and say "Hi," because you never know how just the simplest acknowledgement can make someone's entire day. :')